In 1951 a small group of Pequannock Township citizens decided they wanted to form an ambulance service for the residents of the community. Since that time, the township's population has grown dramatically. The 50+ members of the Pequannock Township First Aid and Rescue Squad now service over 15,000 people including Cedar Crest Village.

The First Aid Squad is a private, not for profit organization, completely independent from the Township of Pequannock. The squad operates under the direction of a 3 member board of trustees. In addition, the Squad's daily operations are handled by a 6 member administrative executive board and a 3 member operational staff.

The service of our members is widely appreciated and the honors received by the membership from both our local and state government are truly taken to heart. The squad is honored to help the citizens of Pequannock Township and the surrounding communities 24 hours a days, 365 days a year.


The First Aid Squad doesn't just take Emergency calls, we host fundraisers, standby at township events and provide coverage to our neighboring townships. Find out what were up to.

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members needed

The First Aid Squad is currently looking for new members to help complete our mission. Are you dedicated, motivated and like to work in a team setting? This may be the place for you!

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in the news

The First Aid Squad is constantly in the press! Newspapers regularly feature our work and the new purchase of apparatus and equipment. See the headlines direct from the newspapers.

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Did You Know?

  • Fun Fact #1

    The First Aid Squad is fully funded by donations - not tax dollars!

    Each year the executive board creates a budget for the year. That budget is strictly adhered to to help fund our day to day operations, our building maintenance, the training of our membership and servicing our fleet of apparatus.

    The budget that is created is presented to our membership, approved by our 3 board trustee and voted on at our December Year End Meeting.

  • Fun Fact #2

    The First Aid Squad is 100% volunteer!

    We have the most dedicated members on the planet! Members from all walks of life join the squad for many different reasons including pursuing a future career in the medical field, a desire to give back to the community or simply wanting to help their fellow neighbor.

  • Fun Fact #3

    The First Aid Squad provides EMS coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

    Each member rides an average of 800 hours a year, and the squad collectively provides over 16,000 hours of coverage and answers over 750 calls a year.

  • Fun Fact #4

    The First Aid Squad operates 6 apparatus that are fully stocked and ready to go every day of the week.

    We have 3 ambulances ready to transport up to two patients at a time; a Chief's vehicle used by our Chief; a Special Response Truck for fire calls and mass casualty incidents; and a Special Response all terrain vehicle used throughout the township in areas such as Mountainside Park and PV Park. THe vehicle has also been requested by other agencies throughout the state for major incidents and search and rescue missions.

About Us

The Pequannock Township First Aid & Rescue Squad is a 501(c)(3) approved organization and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Without the support from the community our organization would not exist.

Thank you to those who have donated in the past and will donate in the future.



See our Monthly and Year over Year statistics on just how busy the squad is.


1 Give back to your community by joining our organization and assist your neighbors with Emergency Medical Services free of charge.

2 Your education, uniforms and state mandated training is fully supplied by the First Aid Squad.

3 Connect with your community through our standbys, community events and fundraising.