Executive Board

The Pequannock First Aid Squad, as a not-for-profit organization, works under the direction of a 3 member board of trustees. The ultimate decisioins of the squad lay in the hands of these 3 members. They include a squad trustee who is elected by the squad; a public trustee, who is a citizen at large and a township trustee, who is a township council member.

The daily administrative duties fall in the hands of the Executive Board. The administrative officers handle the bill paying, insurance claims, state filings and public relations. The operational officers handle the items like on scene operations, training and crew operations.

There are also 7 other officers on the squad that are not considered part of the Executive Board. These officers are known as Crew Leaders and handle the operations of each crew. There is one senior member appointed to the position of Crew Leader that is solely responsible for the saftey of their crew members, the daily crew operations and training of crew operations.

Our Team

Operational Officer

Thomas Lyons Jr., Chief

Tom Lyons joined the squad after retiring form the the position of Deputy Chief of the Clifton Fire Department. His nearly 30 years of experience has shown through greatly at the squad and his background in the industry is extensive. Tom was elected to the position of Chief in 2015 and is now the operational lead of our department.

Tyler Ponomarev, Captain

Tyler joined the squad in 2016 and immediately received his NJ State EMT certification. Tyler has been an active member of the squad since the day he joined and is the head of our Radio and Pager committee. As lieutenant he is also responsible for our bike bike, which is part of our Special Response Team.

Chris Murphy, Lieutenant

Chris Murphy joins the ranks of our Executive Board for the first time. As lieutenant, Chris will be responsible for driver training our newer members, organizing and leading our bike team and assisting the Chief when necessary. Chris, as a member of Pequannock Engine Co. 2, will also work as a liasion between the First Aid Squad and our Fire Department.

Executive Board

Dave Stapp, President

Dave was elected President of our organization for the 2018 squad year. This is his first term as President but he has been an active member for many years. We are honored to have him as part of our organization and team.

Diane Kopp, Vice President

Diane joined the squad in 2012 and obtained her certification as a NJ State EMT. She has been a very active member since joining and serves as a member of the Ways and Means Committee. This is the first position she has held on the excutive board.

Greg Renna, Treasurer

Greg was elected to the position of treasurer for the 2017 squad year for the first time. He will be responsible for creating and managing a yearly budget, maintaining our finances and keeping our organizations accounts in good standing.

Allison Kane
Recording Secretary

Allison joined the Squad as a cadet member after seeing the enjoyment her brother had as a member. Since that time she has been very active in our organization. She is one of the planners of our Casino Night fundraiser offered every year. It is a pleasure having her on our Executive Board.

Chris Francescone
Corresponding Secretary

Chris joined the squad as an associate member. Although she does not ride a regular duty shift she constantly is helping out at our organization with meeting diners and planning our annual Casino Night Fundraiser. Chris is also solely responsible for our annual fund drive.

Squad Trustee's

Ron Furia, Squad Trustee

Ron has been a riding member of the squad for over 10 years. In 2013 he became Active Exempt and also fills the position of squad trustee. He is part of our 3 person board of trustees that overseas all final decisions at the organization.

David Kohle, Township Trustee

David has been appointed by the township council as our township trustee and liasion for the first time in 2017. Dave will act as our direcct link between the First Aid Squad and our township council on all important matters.

Bill McCrystal, Public Trustee

Bill is a Life Member of the First Aid Squad and was honored with that position in 2014. He severed our organization for over 25 years. We are honored that he has come back as our public trustee to continue with the organization he helped build.

Our Vision

The Pequannock First Aid Squad, under the leadership of our elected Executive Board members, has a vision to provide the highest quality Emergency Medical Services to the residents and visitors of the Township of Pequannock. With the continued support of the residents and the administration for the township we take pride being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help our fellow neighbors when they need it.

Our Mission

As an organization we have a mission that we strive for 365 days a year. That mission is to provide the highest quality Emergency Medical Services to the residences of our township and surrounding communities while still arriving home safely to loved ones. Our membership put themselves in harms way on each and every call and it is because of Our Vision to help the community that we respond to each emergency throughout the day.